Become a Knight Today

We have joined together as the ALS Knights to increase awareness for ALS, provide support for persons living with ALS and their families, and to raise critically needed funds for ALS ONE.    


  1. Be committed to fight until we have a treatment and every patient and family member has access to care.
  2. Host or get involved in at least one fundraiser per year.
  3. Display the ALS Knights or ALS ONE logo on cars, email, etc.  
  4. Step up for the calls to action as needed by the ALS Knights community.
  5. Be mindful and helpful to local ALS patients and their families in your community.


Here are five things you can do now to help: 

1.) Become an ALS Knight

2.) Like and Follow the ALS Knights on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

3.) Ask your networks to join you and become ALS Knights 

4.)  Attend one of our upcoming events (noted within the events tab)  

5.) Consider hosting your own fundraiser for your network. We would greatly appreciate your help!  For fundraising ideas and support please contact Jen DiMartino at

Become a Knight